Friday, December 7, 2018

My Presents.

A Present to give!

A present that I would give is a piece of art. I love painting and I
would make one for a present to give to my mum. And I would also
make her a kete so she can carry around her things for work. If you
don’t know what a kete is , it is a bag made out of flax and takes a
lof time to do. She. would love something like a kete. ( She works
super hard )    Kete

Image result for kete flax

For my dad , I would give him time off his work and relax in the

And for my brothers of course , um , I am not really sure , maybe lots
of hugs and more time playing basketball with them. ( Let’s just say
, I don’t do it a lot )

And for my best friend , I would give her a lot of happiness and love
from me. My bestie and one of my cousins , Tamia.

And for everyone else , a very merry Christmas.

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