Friday, July 6, 2018

A life of a ...

This is my writing and I really like this writing because it is a good set up and I just love it!

The life of a …

Hi , I am a rubber. I know , boring! Any ways , I live in Alesana’s desk . I am in her set of
mathematical maths and it’s always closed. I’m lucky though. Because all of my friends are
in there. There is ruler, ruler and ruler. They are my best mates and we are always chatting.
There are also not very good friends and their names are pencil and pencil . They are twins
and they don’t like us as much as ruler , ruler and ruler do. But it’s fine. My alarm is always
on . It sounds like this …. Brrrrrring! It tells me when to get up and ready for another day.

Alesana keeps her desk always the tidiest.
Every morning , Alesana opens her desk to get ready for … I think it’s called School? I don’t
know.  Sometimes we are angry , because we don’t get used as much as sharpener does.
But it’s always going to be alright in the end and besides, i got my best mates here.  
My life isn’t so spontaniouse or exciting , but it’s fun and we get to play a lot. Opps… Stay
still , she’s opened the maths box. She might use one of… ahhh! ….. That felt like a
massage .  Any ways , that's my story. This time , I think she is going to need me alot. Bye

Ahhhh! Feels super good!


  1. Wow i like the way you said we don't get used as much as sharperner dose good job


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